Frequently Asked Questions

1. In what areas do you deliver?

  • CruzinWaiter Valdosta delivers throughout Valdosta, including all of north and south Lowndes County, Valdosta State University, Moody Air Force Base, Berrien County, and Lanier County.
  • CruzinWaiter Tallahassee delivers throughout Tallahassee and Leon County.

2. When can I get restaurant food delivery & catering?

  • CruzinWaiter software is designed so that you can place a current or later order for the same day or place orders several days in advance.


BREAKFAST (Catering Only)

Monday – Friday      8:00am - 10:00am
Breakfast requires 24-48 hour notice and a minimum order of $100.


Monday – Friday      10:00am – 4:00pm
Saturday      11:00am – 4:00pm
Sunday      12:00pm – 4:00pm


Sunday – Thursday      4:00pm - 10:00pm
Friday – Saturday      4:00pm - 11:00pm
Please note that some restaurant kitchens close prior to our closing time.



Monday – Thursday      4:00pm – 10:00pm
Friday - Saturday      4:00pm – 11:00pm
Closed on Sunday


Monday – Friday      3:00pm - 7:00pm
Saturday      3:00pm - 6:00pm
Closed on Sunday

*Weekend catering is available for both locations if ordered by 12pm on Friday*

3. What is the average food delivery time?

  • The average food delivery time varies based on size of order and time the order is placed. The goal of CruzinWaiter is to have your food delivered to you within 45 – 55 minutes during the day and 55 – 65 minutes during the evening. This allows for possible delays like heavy traffic, long preparation times in busy restaurants, and poor weather.
  • We also suggest planning ahead, if at all possible, to guarantee your delivery time, especially for large orders.

4. What is the food delivery charge and delivery food order minimum?

  • The food delivery charge varies based on the area you are in. All orders exceeding $100 receive free delivery.
  • Currently the typical delivery fee starting at $3.99, and we ask that you tip your driver.
  • Certain restaurants may have a higher delivery fee based on the location of the restaurant.

5. Can I order food delivery from multiple restaurants?

  • Yes you can! This is especially helpful when you are having an event catered, as sometimes you need multiple types of food. We do require that you meet the minimum order and pay the normal delivery charge for each restaurant you order from.

6. What are my payment options for my delivery order?

  • We accept cash, all major credit cards, and company check (company check address must match delivery address).
  • We do not accept personal checks at this time.

7. Can I sign up for a Corporate House Account or a Corporate Catering Account for my online orders?

  • Yes, we will gladly set up your Corporate Account for your business.
  • Business accounts are eligible for payroll deductions and weekly billing.

8. Why can’t I choose a restaurant or specific date and time for delivery?

  • The restaurant delivery time and date requested might not match with the available restaurant hours, or the restaurant may be temporarily closed and not available to accept online orders.
  • It is also possible that you are requesting a restaurant delivery date and time that cannot be fulfilled. Example: You want to order Texas Roadhouse and have it delivered by 3:00pm on a Thursday afternoon, however they do not open until 4:00pm making the earliest delivery time 5:00pm.
  • If there is a restaurant and/or delivery time, that is not being accepted when ordering online, please contact at 844.321.FOOD (3663).

9. How do I know if my order was placed?

  • When you creating your account, insert your cell phone number in the “Cell Number” box and select “I would like to receive status notifications texts for my orders.” Normal data rates will apply.
  • By selecting to receive text notifications, you will be updated when your order is confirmed and placed and when your driver has arrived at the restaurant, enroute to your location and confirmation your order was delivered.
  • Along with selecting text notifications, you may also choose to receive your notifications via email.
Be sure to include an alternate contact number on your account in the event there is an issue with your order.

10. How do I add-on to my order?

  • After an order has been placed, you may add additional items up to the time your food goes enroute to your location. Please call us at 844.321.FOOD (3663) as soon as possible to add additional items to your order.
Please note, adding items to your order may increase your quoted delivery time.

11. Can I cancel an order that has already been placed?

  • Please call us at 844.321.FOOD (3663) as soon as possible to cancel any orders. Cancellations may be done up to your order being placed and no later than 5 minutes after your order is placed.
  • Any other cancellation requires restaurant approval.
Please note, if a restaurant has already prepared the food items, you will not be able to cancel your order.
Because of email delays, please do not email cancellation requests.

12. Do I have to place my order online or may I call it in?

  • Your order may be placed online or you can call us at 844.321.FOOD (3663) to have a representative take your order.
CruzinWaiter customer service representatives are available:
  • Monday – Thursday, 10:00am to 10:00pm
  • Friday 10:00am to 11:00pm
  • Saturday 11:00am to 11:00pm
  • Sunday 12:00pm to 10:00pm.

13. Is ordering my food online safe?

  • Yes, CruzinWaiter takes your security and privacy very seriously and has taken all necessary precautions to receive and store your data securely.
  • We use GeoTrust, Inc. security on all payment/personal information pages that is date stamped to verify security.

14. Who gets the gratuity when I order through CruzinWaiter?

  • 100% of your gratuity goes directly to your mobile server. We do not require participation in a tip-share program nor do we take a percentage of the driver’s tips.
  • Mobile servers are self-employed as Independent Contractors and use their own transportation/gas and work hard to make sure that your food is delivered accurate and on time.
  • 18% gratuity is added automatically at checkout, however you can choose a different tip amount or tip your driver with cash.
  • While tipping is not mandatory, it is recommended, as the driver’s main income source is customer gratuity.

15. How do I request to have my favorite restaurant delivered?

  • To request a restaurant not on our menu, encourage your local restaurant owner/manager to give us a call at 844.321.FOOD (3663)!

16. Can I purchase gift certificates or food as a gift for another party?

  • Absolutely! We understand you may want to place an order for someone in which you will not be at the location for delivery. To complete this, place your order as you would normally, except add a new delivery address. At checkout, in the special instructions, include the name of the person, and any other pertinent information (ex., birthdays, condolences, get well soon) the driver may need concerning this order. It is recommended, although not required, that you let the person know they will be receiving a delivery order.
  • To purchase CruzinWaiter Gift Certificates, go online or call us at 844.321.FOOD (3663) and speak with a representative to complete the purchase.

17. Who do I call if there is a problem with my order?

  • CruzinWaiter representatives are standing by to assist you with any concerns you may have. Please call us at 844.321.FOOD (3663) for any assistance.
Please direct any questions or concerns directly to a CruzinWaiter representative or request your driver to have us contact you.


18. How do I sign up for and does it cost anything to be a part of the CruzinWaiter rewards program?

  • There is no cost to be a part of our rewards program!
  • Only thing required from you is to create your account. Once your account is created, you will begin to earn points towards fabulous specials and discounts with every restaurant order!
Please be sure you are logged into your account when you order! Reward points are not issued to guest accounts.

19. How many points do I earn on my order?

  • The basic ratio is for every $1 you spend on your food you will receive 5 reward points. Points are based off of the restaurant subtotal.
  • Earn 2500 points to receive an automatic $5 credit on your next order!
  • Points are redeemed automatically. There is nothing you need to do except order some delicious food!