About Us

Welcome to CruzinWaiter!

No longer do you have to deal with the weather, long wait times or only restaurants that provide delivery service! With CruzinWaiter.com, you can now dine in while dining out at your favorite restaurants! We specialize in customer service and use only the most professional mobile waiters to get your order to your dining room, office, or hotel room as quickly and safely as possible. You have a choice! Dine out, or stay in and dine out!

Simple Ordering:    With just a few clicks find all of your favorite local restaurants and cravings.

Order Tracking:    We love great communitcation with our neigbors. We keep you updated and in the loop througout the life of your order.

Friendly Drivers:    Not just your normal delivery.  Each mobile waiter is helpful and ready to be the best on-demand server you've ever had.